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A Celebration of Annamalai

As of Friday, December the 27th, Annamalai Alagappan is no more. Sandesh and I were crying on the phone to each other, lamenting that we wouldn't make it to the funeral in time.

The Stonehenge Reaction

It was the morning of the 14th of April. Despite a hurried trip to Manchester, and some late night FIFA the previous day, Nat, Shyam and I decided that we wanted to drive

The Manchester Expedition

I reached Kings Cross station in London in the morning of Saturday, April 13th, and took a cab to my friend Shyam's house. He was in London for six weeks to collaborate with

The Berlin Emergency

I was invited to give a talk at SmartGridComm in Aalborg, Denmark in October 2018. The trip that I was looking forward to for a long time, turned out to be my worst